Auburn fans see nothing but hope for next season


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HOOVER, Ala. (WHNT) — Monday was the first day of the media frenzy surrounding college football. Fans from all over came to the 2014 SEC Media Days in Hoover just to catch a glimpse of their favorite head coach or favorite football player. Auburn University kicked off the four-day circus early Monday morning.

“Last season was unreal, unbelievable all the way to the Rose Bowl,” said Ann Rutledge. “It was just a great season and we are looking forward to an even better season this year.” Rutledge was one of many fans waiting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Hoover.

Rutledge admits that it came out of left field. No one expected the Tigers to triumph in the SEC and make their way to the BCS title game, but they did. “It didn’t seem to be in the cards but as the season went on they just got better and better.

The Tigers loss to FSU ended the SEC’s winning streak in the BCS. “Please cut us some slack,” said Marlon Levert.

“It makes me feel bad to hear people say we dropped the ball,” said Levert. “Especially since we weren’t expecting to be there at all, we played a good game came this close to winning, but I think we will go back this year and seal the deal.”

“I don’t think it really matters,” said Nick Borden of Decatur. “I think that we were able to get there speaks a lot to us. Florida State was a really good team, I don’t think anyone else could have beat Florida State, honestly.”

Instead of living in the past, Auburn fans are keeping their chins up. Gus Malzahn managed to turn the Auburn football program around in just one season. It seems there’s nothing but hope for the future.

“Hopefully we can continue the success from last season and win that National Championship in the first playoff year,” said Marlon.

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