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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some residents in the North Huntsville area have become worried about the uptick of ATVs seen on the roadways.

A popular spot for ATV sightings in the area is around Pulaski Pike and Mastin Lake Road. In the state of Alabama, an ATV can’t be driven on any roadways.

Any vehicle that drives on an Alabama roadway, must be registered and ATVs can’t be registered.

Dewayne McCarver, Deputy Chief of the Huntsville Police Department says if you are caught on a roadway driving an ATV, you will be cited.

“So if you do see them when you are out and about and you see an ATV being operated on the roadway, we urge you to call us because they’re extremely dangerous. They’re hard to see and often times when they are being operated on the road they are not being operated in a safe matter,” McCarver told News 19.

McCarver says they have not seen an uptick in calls of ATVs on the roadway, but if you do see them he urges residents to call the non-emergency hotline at 256-722-7100.