Attorneys for 15-year-old capital murder suspect seek funds for case of Elkmont family murder


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Mason Sisk, 15, currently sits in the Limestone County Jail without bond after being charged in the shooting deaths of five of his immediate family members, including 3 young siblings.

Now that he has formally been charged with capital murder as an adult his legal team is taking steps to build his case.

Wednesday, Sisk’s attorneys filed a motion to proceed with applications for funds.

Huntsville defense attorney Mark McDaniel, who is not involved with Sisk’s case, said the request is simple. “The defense lawyers can meet with the judge without the prosecutors being present,” he said.

McDaniel said its a strategic move for the defense team. “They could discuss maybe trial strategy or what the defense is going to do with the judge, without the prosecutor being in the room,” he said.

This motion specifically requests privacy in asking for money to pay expert witnesses in Sisk’s case. McDaniel said rightfully so.

“When you’re asking for funds for expert witnesses, you’d be telling the prosecutors, if they were in the room, what your defense is going to be,” he said.

As for who those expert witnesses could be, McDaniel said he can’t be certain. But if it was his case, he’d call on one expert for sure.

“I don’t think it would be a surprise to anyone that they asked for money for a psychiatrist,” he said. “You may be asking for an investigator to investigate. But to me, the issue is going to be sanity. Was he sane at the time of the act.”

McDaniel said there is a possibility Sisk’s attorney will attempt to use a psychiatrist to get his alleged confession thrown out. In September 2019 the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office told News 19 Sisk confessed to the murders shortly after he was taken into custody.

As for a trial, McDaniel said it could be a while due to a growing backlog of cases.

“This case, he hasnt been in the adult system very long, so you’re probably talking about two or three years down the road before you’ll even have a trial in this case.”

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