WKAC Grants Equal Time To House Of Representatives Candidate

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Some will say it's politics as usual. A candidate for the state House of Representatives is crying foul because his opponent has his own radio show. Fifth District State Representative Dan Williams has been a weekly fixture on WKAC-AM 1080 in Athens for the last five, almost six years. Bobby Jackson is running against Williams and says he either wants equal time on the radio station or Williams to give up the show.

Bobby Jackson says it's nothing against the radio station, but he says fair is fair.

"This is about my opponent and him getting an unfair advantage," Jackson tells WHNT News 19.

His opponent is incumbent State Representative Dan Williams, who has had a weekly radio show on WKAC since he was the Mayor of Athens. When he was elected to the house, he just kept doing the show he says as a way of staying in touch.

WKAC has been a part of Athens for 50 years and they say nothing like this has ever come up before. In fact they tell us they only received a formal request Thursday morning from Jackson asking for equal time.

A statement to Jackson from the radio station says "...In accordance with the communications act of 1934, WKAC is happy to provide equal time as you have requested." In fact, they've scheduled Jackson for 10 A.M. Friday morning.

Williams, reached by telephone Thursday, said, "Jackson is harrassing this local business when all he had to do was ask them for equal time and they would have given it to him."

But Jackson claims it has nothing to do with the radio station, just his right to equal time.

Williams says his radio program is a talk show. Sometimes, he says, they talk politics, and sometimes they don't. He says a local sponsor pays the radio station for his air-time.