Vietnam veteran living in fear after three packages delivered to his home


Contents of package delivered to Limestone County home

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Vietnam veteran in Limestone County feels like a prisoner in his own home. He says it’s because of a delivery last of three packages to his home.

It was through snow and ice that a mail carrier delivered the packages to Richard Brown.  Now, he says he wished he’d never received them.

Brown said he buys and sells from eBay often, so receiving three packages was nothing unusual. He signed for one, not noticing it was addressed to his neighbor. He thought it was going to be a pot set, but the pot he got was a different kind altogether.  Six pounds of it.

“It was weed.  Two pounds of weed in one, and each of the boxes weighed about the same,” said Brown. He said the Limestone County Sheriff’s office gave it a street value of up to $20,000.

Since then, he said a stranger came by asking about it in a threatening manner.

“He kind of leaned toward the door like he was going to push it open,” Brown recalled.  “I backed up and pointed a gun at him.”

He said later that night, someone beat on his door, but ran off.

“I’m very prepared to defend, but I’m scared,” Brown admitted.

He hoped turning it over to the authorities would take him out of a bad predicament. The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, which, frankly Brown doesn’t care about.

“I don’t care whether anybody goes to jail, I want to be left alone,” he said.

Investigators had no comment, other than confirming that they are looking into the situation.

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