Tanner students rally for suspended principal


Students at Tanner High School rally for principal Louis Gordon, who is on leave, pending an investigation.

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – It’s been nearly two weeks since Tanner High School principal Louis Gordon was put on paid administrative leave.

The Limestone County school superintendent told us the district is looking into complaints about principal Gordon.

Meanwhile, several students marched on Thursday morning to say they want Gordon back.

With a handful of signs, this group of kids is speaking up.

“What was done was wrong, in my opinion,” Tanner high school sophomore Kira Walton said.

“We still demand answers. Why did this take place, why was he removed?” New Beginnings Covenant Church pastor Eddie Walton said.

This month, Tanner High School principal Louis Gordon was put on paid administrative leave over concerns with what the county superintendent said was ” the climate within the school,” but offered no other details.

“Teachers are gathered in the hallways talking about it. They talk about it in class,” Tanner high school senior Destini Long said. “It’s very disturbing and it makes me upset.”

“Without him being there, it’s like a house with no father,” parent Jonathan Nichols said.

Supporters of Gordon argue he wasn’t given a fair shake since taking the job last fall. So today, it was a short march to the school and back.

Right now, Mr. Gordon is on a probationary contract. The school board could decide not to bring him back next fall. Parents and students we talked with say they hope to see him brought back. But in the meantime, they say they want a straight answer from the school board before graduation day.

“That’s all I want is for him to give me my diploma on May 25th,” Long said.

“If you pull him out because of complaints, then what do you think is going to be waiting on the next individual who assumes the capacity of principal at Tanner high school?” Nichols said.

School superintendent Tom Sisk hasn’t said how long the investigation could last.

The Limestone County school board is next scheduled to meet on Tuesday, April 3rd, but we don’t know yet if Gordon’s absence will be discussed in that meeting.