T-shirt sales to benefit vandalized Pincham-Lincoln center

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ATHENS, Ala. – The community is still picking up the pieces following the vandalism of a historic site, the Trinity School now known as Pincham-Lincoln center.

The founders of Same Cloth, a Christian-based t-shirt company, dedicate their work to helping worthy causes.

“We wanted to benefit charities and help raise awareness, as well as monetary funds for each one of them,” explained co-founder Anna Clem.

The deep history of Athens, more specifically, the recent renovation of the Trinity School, brought the historic site’s significance to their attention.

“When it was vandalized, i called Anna the next morning and said ‘Hey we can help them and come together with a fundraiser and try to give back in some way to them,'” explained the other co-founder, Ashley Carter.

Twenty percent of the t-shirt sale proceeds will go towards the Athens-Limestone Community Association (ALCA), which owns the center.

Each shirt they’ve made has a message related to the cause — including this one.

“With the Trinity School fundraiser, we decided to do the ‘Arise and Build’ because that was a very special phrase and motto that they coined to themselves that they used throughout the process of making the Trinity School,” said Clem.

“‘Arise and Build’ comes from when Trinity was expected to close due to many different reasons during the 105-year history,” explained Kristina Hendrix with the ALCA.