Students at East Limestone stop for national anthem


Xan Kucejko snapped a picture of the trio stopping for the National Anthem at East Limestone High School during Night of the Bands

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ATHENS, Ala — Three Limestone County students displayed their national pride after stopping in their tracks to stand at attention for the national anthem.

East Limestone High School was hosting Night of the Bands, which is when county schools come out and play their halftime shows. After leaving the gym and hearing the national anthem playing, the students paused and decided to stay out of respect. The students left a lasting impression to several at the event.

Xan Kucejko, a Science teacher at East Limestone, was particularly impressed with the student’s national pride and snapped a picture of the trio from across the football field.

“You might not be able to see the three young men outside of the fence. I don’t even know who they are, but I’m extremely proud of them. As they left the gym tonight, they heard the National Anthem playing. They could’ve just kept walking. They didn’t. They stopped. They placed their hands over their hearts, and they stayed until it was over. I’m so proud of our East Limestone High School kids,” said Kucejko.