Storm damages Limestone County mobile home community


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Storms traveled through Limestone County Sunday evening.

One woman said it was the strongest storm she’s ever seen in her area.

“It was like this real loud roaring sound,” said Lisa Sively.

She compared the sound of the storm to a train rolling down the tracks.

Sively said she immediately sprang into action sheltering her children under the dining room table.

“Our walls were sitting there flopping in and out.”

What concerns her most is being inside her mobile home is the safest way to ride out a storm.

“Out here we don’t have a storm shelter to go to,” she explained. “If it’s an emergency and we have to leave to travel to a safe place we have to go down the main roads.”

She said if she hadn’t been aware of potential threats and her surroundings, she would’ve faced grave danger.

“There was no take cover,” Sively explained. “No sirens, no nothing going off.”

She has lived in the mobile home community off Chris Way for 12 years.

And each time a storm comes her way, she takes extra precautions.

Sively said if you can’t catch the forecast, at least be aware of strange weather patterns and seek shelter immediately.

“Always keep an eye out because you never know whether it’s going to hit or miss,” she added.

Residents said Monday will be focused on removing the trees and debris from the area and hopefully getting some power restored in other trailers.


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