Smoke from burn-offs in Limestone County fills neighborhoods

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. -  Earlier this week the Alabama Forestry Commission lifted the statewide fire alert, as recent rainfall has brought some relief to the area. They have also started re-issuing permits for outdoor burnings.

Some residents in East Limestone woke up early Wednesday morning to the smell and haze of smoke in their neighborhood.

Amanda Robison, a Caldera Ridge resident, told WHNT News 19 that since then the smoke has been so bad it's hard to see outside.

“I actually woke up thinking the house was on fire, we were very much inside the house,” said Robison.

East Limestone residents say a burn off started close to their homes off of  Newby Road and Highway 72 on Tuesday night.

Amanda Robison says the smoke was so bad she took her family and left her home.

“I have an 8-year-old and a 6-month-old. My 6-month-old is breathing in all this smoke," Robison said. "When I walk into my home there is a layer of smoke laying over everything because it’s come through the unit and my children can’t breathe.”

Randal Moriss told WHNT News 19 that the smoke was impacting his wife's asthma and she too had to leave the house.

“You couldn’t even be inside the house,” said Moriss.

Neighbors say the impacted areas are Caldera Ridge, Arbor Ridge, and Newby Plantation

“Yesterday evening it got really worse where the entirety of Arbor Ridge was completely covered in smoke,” said Moriss.

“It’s miserable to know that you’re in your own home and can’t do what you want to. You have to sit there and suffer through the consequences of somebody else’s poor decisions,” said Robison.

Robison said she understands that the fire alert has been lifted but wishes the person burning would be more considerate of their neighbors.

“Certainly, it’s you're property. Do what you want with it. But be considerate of the people who are around you, when you’re affecting not just your immediate neighbors but three to four subdivisions away from you,” said Robison.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the AFT Limestone County Division and did not receive a response about this specific burn off.  They do provide outdoor safety recommendations on their website.