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ATHENS, Ala. – The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office says an argument between a man and his mother’s boyfriend, who was allegedly wearing boxer shorts in the common areas of their shared home, led to a gunshot and an arrest.

The incident happened just before midnight on Wednesday. The sheriff’s office arrested Christopher Draper, 32, for Reckless Endangerment and Domestic Violence 2nd Degree, which is a menacing charge.

The account of the incident is complicated, so we’re going to let the sheriff’s office release stand on its own here:

According to witnesses at the residence, Draper, who had been drinking all day, had gotten into an altercation with his mother’s boyfriend for walking around in shared areas of the residence (where Draper and his girlfriend also live) in boxer shorts. Draper allegedly attacked the victim several times and was subdued each time, then allowed to get back up. Draper then allegedly went into his bedroom with his mother, and she locked the door. She said Draper then picked up a .410 shotgun, kicked open the door, and pointed the gun at the victim, stating “I’ll kill you.” She told [the responding Deputy] that she stepped in front of the shotgun, then grabbed the barrel and pointed it at the ceiling, at which time Draper fired the gun before fleeing the residence.

Additional charges are still pending.