Sheriff responds to video showing horses being pulled behind truck in Limestone County

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Several people were upset when they saw a video that showed a man in Limestone County pulling his horses on the road with his pickup truck. It happened along 7-Mile Post Road.

Driving west of Athens, you’ll find cotton, you’ll find cattle and at least a few horses.

“I was driving down that road because I went to go pick up a check from work,” Miguel Olmedo said.

Olmedo had no idea that Friday payday on 7-Mile Post Road would become so controversial. “I took out my phone and started recording, because that’s the first thing everybody does, you know?” he said.

The cell phone video prompted several phone calls to Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely.

“There’s probably not anyone on earth who’s more of a horse lover than I am,” sheriff Blakely said.

Sheriff Blakely says the man in the video had three horses that escaped his pasture.

“He was concerned they were out in the road and they’d get run over,” Sheriff Blakely said.

“He was going slow, but the horses didn’t want to walk so he was pulling them,” Olmedo said.

Sheriff Blakely says the owner of the horses was apologetic about the whole thing. He says a deputy and an animal control officer stopped out to look at the horses, and found they weren’t injured in the walk home. Sheriff Blakely says while it’s not illegal to tie your horse to a pickup, it’s not humane either.

“He didn’t mean to cause any alarm. He of all people didn’t want to get his horses hurt,” Sheriff Blakely said.

Sheriff Blakely said the man has a bad back and couldn’t walk, but offered to turn himself in. The deputy told him it wasn’t necessary.

“Next time, I’d probably get out of my car and try to help him out,” Olmedo said.

That’s a small gesture Sheriff Blakely says would go a long way on this quiet road where good help is sometimes hard to find.

Sheriff Blakely says the man apologized. The deputy opted not to fine him, telling him if it happens again, call the sheriff’s office for help.