Sessions blasts Obama administration for Iraqi violence

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was in Athens Thursday. He toured the Steelcase manufacturing facility but afterwards spoke with reporters about the growing problem with ISIS and the murder of an American journalist.

Senator Jeff Sessions says the United States simply pulled out of Iraq much too soon.

"I'm really worried about Iraq," Sessions told reporters. He added, "It wasn't too long ago, just a few years, that country had a stable government, had the Kurds, the Sunnis, all involved in the government, a nationwide election, and a parliment, and we pulled out too fast. Just a small number of troops still training, still supporting, using our helicopter lift capacity, our surveilance capacity could have put that country in a position to resist this ISIS attack. Now they've taken over a big part of the country, they're brutal, vicious murderers, and it's going to be much more difficult to extract them or remove them or defeat them or contain them than it would have been had we been more realistic in how we handled the situation."

Sessions went on to say a great nation cannot change it's policies everytime a new President is elected. Sessions says he has not watched the video of the brutal killing of American journalist James Foley, but says the act itself is indicitive of the type of enemy we face.

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