LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) — In 2015, Jordan Tyler Berryhill was killed by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle in Limestone County, but the driver has been free while awaiting sentencing. 

The family struggled to figure out why the case of the woman charged with the death of their loved one has taken so long to prosecute while pleading with Limestone County District Attorney Brian Jones to close the case.  

Monday was a sense of relief for Berryhill’s mother Toni Barber and her family after circuit judge Chad Wise sentenced Mary Jean Williams for the death of Berryhill.  

Williams was arrested on charges of reckless murder and driving under the influence of alcohol. She faced a maximum of 20 years in prison but on Thursday Williams pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter and was sentenced to five years of community corrections. 

“For the next five years she is a state inmate but due to some health issues she’s going to serve that sentence in the community corrections department,” Jones explained.  

Taylor Duncan, Berryhill’s sister told News 19 that the sentence brings little closure for the family. 

“My brother did not get justice today and the family did not get justice today. She got to walk away with a slap on her wrist and go home to her family after pleading guilty to murdering my brother,” Duncan said.  

Jill Smiley, who was one of the motorcycle riders on the day Berryhill was killed said the accident is a day she will never forget. 

“I watched him pass, I watched him take his last breath and it’s been hard. I try and block it out,” said Smiley.  

Community-based programs for non-violent offenders oversee offenders outside of prison. 

In an emotional courtroom testimony, Williams pleaded with the family for forgiveness. The district attorney cited Williams’ poor health as a factor in her sentencing.