LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Over 200 years ago, Reverend Robert Donnell preached to the Cumberland Presbyterian congregation at the Mooresville Brick Church.

On Saturday, two historic silver plates were used during the offering, raising funds for a new project in North Alabama for battered women and children.

“Battered women they can’t leave they work here but they need somewhere safe to be and we need to provide that for them,” Athens-Limestone Ministerial Association convener Lee Michael said, “I’ve been working with the homeless for four years and we’ve had a lot of battered women call so we this is something that we need.”

$151 was raised in total.

As for the silver plates, they were handed over to descendants of Robert Donnell.

According to officials, they’ll reside in the Robert Donnell House in Limestone County, preserving this rich history.

“I feel like I’m holding a piece of history that has been hidden,” said Robert Donnell House board member Jacque Reeves said, “Cody Gillam who was the reverend that found these [plates] the revered said it really needs to go to a place for the Presbyterians for the Cumberland Presbyterians and so that’s why they’re going to the Robert Donnell house to be seen in the museum room.

Officials with the association say they hope to have the shelter up and running by Christmas time, this year.