Prosecution asks for DNA swab of accused Madison County man’s cheek in capital murder case

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Both 19-year-old Trevor Cantrell and District Attorney Brian Jones appeared in court on Tuesday morning for a hearing at the Limestone County Courthouse. Cantrell is one of the men charged with capital murder in connection with the 2016 deadly shooting of 18-year-old Jason West at the Sonic restaurant on County Line Road in Madison.

The prosecution filed a motion of discovery seeking DNA samples.

“The state requested that, and we complied, and we said we have no problem with the state taking his swab for DNA,” Jake Watson, Cantrell’s attorney, said.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Watson to understand the next step for his client.

“It would be my guess, they haven’t told me, but tested against the gun, the firearm that was used, or any other evidence to see if it matched Mr. Cantrell or the co-defendant,” Watson explained.

Dacedric Ward, 22, faces the same charges in connection to the 2016 shooting.

Cantrell applied for youthful offender status in May. That hearing is set for August.​

“We believe Mr. Cantrell is a good candidate for youthful offender,” Watson explained. “Which would mean that he wouldn’t be subject to capital murder, or at least anything more than a 3 year sentence if convicted. He would have a bench trial which would mean a trial in front of a judge.”

Cantrell’s mother attended the hearing on Tuesday morning but did not want to comment on her son’s case.