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ELKMONT, Ala. – Crews were busy dealing with a train derailment that happened in Limestone County around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The axles from a rail car were sitting alongside the trac, along with some track debris and two train cars.

The Limestone County Commission says the cars were on track when the derailment happened, then ended up on the ground. The train was running at its normal speed allowed on the track when the axle broke completely off the car, causing the track to turn hot.  

The main issue is that the axle damaged at least 30 of the wooden ties that hold the tracks in place. Earlier, law enforcement blocked off Thach Road, a main vein in the county, but was opened just before 4 PM. 

Limestone County Commissioner Daryl Sammet says that several roads along the rail line will be affected as the crews continue to make the repairs. 

“I know Sweet Springs, Mooresville, Thach, Carey, Keagle, Roberts, Annie Chapel – those are the roads that will be affected by this construction by the railroad company. I ask folks to be careful and watch for them.” 

Sammet asked that drivers take it easy while driving through those intersections. 

There were no injuries reported from the derailment. Construction crews tell us they cannot give us a timetable for when the construction will be completed.