New owner, new plans for Lucy’s Branch Marina

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Nearly one year after a tornado ripped up houses in the Bay Hill community in Limestone County, there is new life, excitement, and a new cleanup effort.

The damage done to the Bay Hill community last April 28 by a tornado was severe.

“(It) Really just set down on the marina… and it was really sad to see,” recalled Billy Christopher. The marina was decimated along with many homes along the water. Today everything looks very different.

“We have a beautiful new marina store,” said Christopher, the new owner of Lucy’s Branch Marina. “We have new fuel tanks, we have new slips for the fuel tanks to go to, we have a new sewage pump out system. We’ve already ordered a dry storage building. The dry storage building was completely blown away by the tornado.”

Christopher is adding to the fun side of it all too. He’s looking for workers, an event planner, a food truck, and someone to put in a permanent restaurant.

Residents are excited Christopher is in charge.

“We welcome him coming in and being able to assist us at any time,” said Limestone County Commissioner Jason Black. Black grew up in the area and says while Christopher is adding new things, the commission will spend more than $330,000 to get rid of lingering problems from last years tornado.

“We have ditches and creeks that have been blocked up bey trees or debris and it’s actually causing our roads to erode,” said Black.

The goal is to bring Lucy’s branch back to the getaway it has always been with some extra fun.

Christopher says the dry storage will be able to hold 168 boats and will be ready by Labor Day. Anyone interested in event planning or setting up a restaurant at Lucy’s Branch Marina should call the marina at 256-729-1322.

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