Neighbors concerned about possible animal abuse

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ATHENS, Ala. – WHNT News 19 received emails, reports and video footage of dogs living in an Athens neighborhood, potentially being abused.

We found many people in this neighborhood have visible pets. But neighbors said one residence isn’t taking care of theirs.

While some neighbors have already reported the alleged animal abuse taking place on North Debeth Plaza in Athens, one neighbor who wants to remain anonymous, said she can’t get past the smell and the sound of the dogs.

“They put them in that shed in the back, and you hear nothing but bark and bark and bark and bark,” explained the concerned neighbor. “And then the people that do have their own dogs, their dogs start howling because these dogs are barking, and the smell, oh the smell.”

Another neighbor shared a video of the animals and their living conditions with us out of concern.

In the video, it appears that the dogs are standing in their own feces. They are also confined to a small, plywood doghouse.

Athens Police Department has been made aware of the alleged abuse, and a neighbor said they saw officers stop by the residence over the weekend.

She said still, nothing has changed.

“They’re not going to feed them, they’re not going to clean up behind them or go out and pet them, pay them any attention”

The neighbor has lived in the area for decades.

“In 22 years, this is the third time I’ve known of someone saying something, and he still gets the dogs back,” she explained. “I think that some people shouldn’t have them, there should be a ban.”

She said neighbors believe the animals shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves.

“If you want a pet, its a part of your family, you bring them in, you take care of them. You wash them, you bathe them, you do flea and tick treatment,” the concerned neighbor explained. “You spay and neuter and you feed them well. I mean you just don’t throw leftover spaghetti out there once a week or whatever.”


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