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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — During the Friday hearing to determine if statements made by an Elkmont teen — charged with killing five of his family members – will be allowed into evidence, the court was shown body cam video of Mason Sisk and sheriff’s deputies in the aftermath of the fatal shooting in September 2019.

Two Limestone County Sheriff’s Office deputies testified, along with a sheriff’s office captain during the hearing at the Limestone County Courthouse.

The defense is arguing the statements Sisk made should be thrown out because he was not read a Miranda warning before questioning. Body cam video this morning showed deputies telling Sisk multiple times he was detained.

News 19’s Emily Moessner is in the courtroom, and provided the following account of this morning’s testimony and videos.

The first body cam video, from deputy Justin Fields, shows that Sisk apparently drove his mother’s car to the end of the family’s long driveway where he waited for deputies to arrive. Sisk apparently called to tell 911 that there was a shooting.

The body cam shows the deputy approach Sisk, ask his name and direct him to put his hands up.

Sisk is asked who’s inside, and he tells the deputy, “my family.”

Sisk is then asked if the offender is gone, and then tells the deputy, “Yes.”

At that point, another deputy comes and leads Sisk away, and Fields tells a supervisor on a phone call, that there is something “fishy” about that kid.

The second video is from former deputy Andrew King.

Sisk tells the deputy he was downstairs playing video games when he heard gunshots.

Sisk tells him, he thought he saw a Chevy drive off, but couldn’t tell if it was a truck or car.

The deputy tells him he is being detained while they figure out what’s going on. Sisk is patted down and then placed in handcuffs.

Sisk is put in the back of the patrol car. He was initially put in another car before the deputy realizes it wasn’t his car. Sisk is in that car between 30 and 40 minutes, the deputy checked on him regularly.

The deputy called a supervisor to say he’s detained Sisk.

At some point, Sisk is taken out of the car and patted down again. Sisk asks during that period if he’s in trouble, the deputy tells him, “Not at the moment.”

At some point, Sisk is told by the deputy, “You are in my custody.”

Sisk asks at another point if he can make a phone call, and is told “No.”

Eventually, the deputy drives his car up near the Sisk family home. Sisk is taken out of the car and brought over to the SUV of then-Sheriff Mike Blakely. They tell Sisk they are going to ask him some questions. He is placed in the SUV, then they take him out, remove the handcuffs and put him in the front seat of Blakely’s vehicle.

Sisk was read his Miranda rights after about 20 minutes of video-recorded questioning by then-Sheriff Mike Blakely and another investigator.

He admitted to killing his family, saying, “I killed him.” Sisk later said the family had argued during a car ride back from Florida on the day of the shootings.

He said his father was violent and would hit his stepmother. He was frequently angry and there was often a lot of yelling in the house. Sisk said he didn’t want his siblings growing up dealing with all of that. 

The body cam ends at that point.

Former Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely testified for more than two hours on Friday afternoon. The jury was dismissed for the day just before 4 p.m. on Friday.