Trial begins for man accused of shooting motorcyclist on Hwy. 72

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ATHENS, Ala. – Almost five years ago a man shot at a motorcyclist and now he’s standing trial for it. Noah McGlawn is charged with attempted murder. Police said he randomly shot the motorcyclist after an argument with his dad.

Back in September of 2012, Brandon Matlock was shot on his motorcycle while riding down highway 72, west of Mooresville Road.

Police said Noah Andrew McGlawn was the one who pulled the trigger. Police said at the time the 20-year-old told them he was mad at his father and just wanted to shoot someone.

WHNT has learned McGlawn is from west Tennessee and drove six hours to Athens before randomly shooting Matlock, according to the state. The state also claims during McGlawn’s interrogation he drove past several other people, thinking of potentially shooting them before making it to Limestone County.

On Monday, attorneys interviewed close to 40 Limestone County residents to become jurors and it was narrowed down to six women and 7 men. Both the defense and the state agree McGlawn pulled the trigger to shoot Matlock. His confession is on tape. In 2012 after the incident took place, McGlawn called Decatur Police.

Authorities said he claimed to be the one to commit the crime.

McGlawn pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness. The defense says Noah has always been a slow learner, saying he’s always been different from the other kids and was picked on. Both the defense and the state said they have several witnesses and evidence to prove their sides.