Limestone County Schools receive award for use of ‘Safe Defend Boxes’

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – On Wednesday, Limestone County Schools were given a prestigious award from the Attorney General’s office to recognize the school district as one of the safest in the state of Alabama.

Limestone County Schools received the 2015 Safe School Initiative Award of Excellence for the district’s implementation of  ‘Safe Defend’ boxes.

“There have been active shooter situations where people have come in and shot up the school. In the first couple of minutes, people who could sound the alarm were often fatalities,” said Superintendent Tom Sisk.

This system empowers all personnel to have a chance to sound the alarm. The boxes are in every classroom and random places throughout Limestone County Schools, and the alarm packs a wide-spread punch.

“Teachers are receiving texts right now,” described Sisk.  “I’ve just received a text right now it tells me what room, that’s the same text the sheriff’s going to get, the chief is going to get, the attorney general is going to get.”

The box includes pepper spray, a baton with a window break and a high intensity flashlight meant to interfere with a shooter’s eyesight. Limestone County is the first district in the state to use the boxes. Teacher Cathy Smith says the safety measure is much appreciated.

“We feel very protected, it’s a very quick response, we are absolutely comfortable with it in our classrooms,” said Smith.  “It’s probably the most wonderful thing we’ve received in quite a while.”