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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – The Limestone County Schools Board has voted to accept the resignation of Dr. Mark Isley, effective on May 31. Isley will remain on paid administrative leave until that time.

Isley filed a lawsuit against the school board after they put him on leave on January 27. Isley claimed the board was trying to fire him because he told state officials the school board had violated district policy and state law by hiring unqualified teachers.

The Limestone County School Board denied those claims.

The case was set for a hearing on Wednesday, but in a filing the judge canceled the hearing saying the mediator had notified the court the case has been settled.

The school boards attorney stated the following reasons for why the agreement is in the best interest of the Board:

  1. “It avoids a lengthy and potentially expensive lawsuit which could cost the school system thousands of dollars in attorneys fees and could divert the time and attention of it’s employees from the job of serving the students and the community;”
  2. “It provides closure and finality to the situation so the Board can make plans for the future; and”
  3. “It allows Dr. Shearouse to begin his service as Superintendent without having a continuous lawsuit draining his time and energy and that of his staff.”

The court documents don’t go into details on the terms of the settlement.

The judge previously issued a gag order in the case that has not yet been lifted. Once the gag order has been lifted, the school board plans to release comments.

Isley had been with the Limestone County Board of Education since September of 2018 as the Executive Director of Human Resources