Limestone County residents say speeding is a problem on county roads

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala – Many of us have seen it a driver speeding down a country road, but one family in Limestone County says it’s getting out of control and they’ve asked for our help.

Ducks quacking and a dog panting, these are the early morning sounds of the Smith home on Witty Mill road before traffic begins zooming by.

“It’s just been outrageous,” said Ricky Smith.

He and his family have lived on Witty Mill road for 6 years. He says traffic has increased over the years and he is fed up with people speeding past his home.

“We’ve really started paying attention to it when one guy almost ran through the school bus and it was stopped. Our little girl had to jump back in the driveway to keep from getting hit,” Ricky Smith said.

A few weeks after that a car barreling down the road smashed through their fence and drove in their yard. The fence is still damaged.

“He left big marks in a circle and back out,” said Nikki Smith, Ricky’s wife.

The family says moments before the crash a child was playing in that exact spot.

“My biggest fear is something happening to the kids,” Nikki Smith said.

So. how fast are people actually driving past their house? The speed limit on witty mill road is 30.

WHNT News 19 used a radar gun to find out if cars were going the speed limit. Some drivers were going the speed limit, but many were not. We clocked multiple cars driving more than 50 mph. The highest we observed was 57 mph. That’s nearly double the speed limit.

Many vehicles were driving somewhere in the 40s.

Even a Limestone County sheriff’s deputy was going ten over.

“It’s scary,” Nikki Smith said.

The family contacted the Sheriff’s Office last week. They haven’t heard back yet.

The Smith family says they do have some ideas to help remind people who the speed limit is slower on this road. They’d like to see a speed trailer on their street or have the sheriff’s office conduct a speed patrol.

They’d like to see anything to remind people who get to their destination a couple of minutes faster is not worth risking their life or the lives of children who live on Witty Mill Road.

WHNT News 19 contacted the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. They were not available for comment.

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