Limestone County couple helps injured bald eagle on side of road

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Photo: Teresa Anne Garrard-McGuire‎
Moses McGuire holds the bald eagle he found along Easter Ferry Road in Limestone County on Nov. 9. (Photo: Teresa Anne Garrard-McGuire‎)
LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – A Limestone County couple came to the aid of an injured bald eagle on Monday, getting the raptor to people who can provide the help he needs to rehabilitate.  We’ve learned the eagle, a young male, is doing well.

Teresa Anne Garrard-McGuire‎ posted a picture to the WHNT News 19 Facebook page on Tuesday.

“My husband found this injured bald eagle on Easter Ferry Road in Limestone County yesterday on his way home from work,” she wrote. “The eagle is now on his way to Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Pelham, Alabama.”

Garrard-McGuire said she is sharing the photo to raise awareness for people in Limestone County to be on the lookout.

“This isn’t the first eagle we have seen here and we are hoping he/she can be released here once he/she has been rehabilitated,” she said.

WHNT News 19 contacted the Alabama Wildlife Center to see how the eagle is doing.  Executive Director Doug Adair said the bird has a broken left ulna, a bone in his wing, but otherwise appears to be healthy.  Adair estimates the male is between 5 and 7 years old and weighs about 3,800 grams, a good size for a male.

Adair said when Moses McGuire found the eagle, it was on the side of the road near a deer carcass.  “He was mostly likely hit by a car while feeding,” Adair said.

Adair said the McGuires were a great help in saving the bird.  “The couple did exactly the right thing. We’re thankful they did what needed to be done to speed his recovery along,” said Adair.

Adair said his team is giving the eagle fluids and will introduce solid food again soon. If his rehabilitation goes well, they hope to release him in the habitat where he was found.

Bald eagles were once endangered, but the population has recovered due to protection measures.

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