Limestone County: Amazing Stories Of Survival

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - There are some amazing stories of survival coming out of Limestone County. We visited one neighborhood on Thursday where each and every structure was destroyed. It's also where several families who chose to ride the storm out at home crawled out of the rubble.

WHNT News 19's Al Whitaker visited Seven Mile Post Road in Limestone County where an entire neighborhood has simply been wiped away.

Whitaker reported, "This was a community of duplex apartments until Monday night, approximately 150 residents. There is not a single structure that's habitable. Most of the residents fled to a nearby storm shelter ahead of the storms. But a few stayed behind choosing to ride the storm out at home.  The families I talked with here say they'll never do that again."

"I literally thought I was going to die."

11-year-old Ana Trevino hunkered down with her parents under a couch as their duplex home literally came apart around them. They are all surprised that they survived.

"We knew when the roof came off because it kinda backed the couch off us and that's when, yeah, we were exposed," said Ana's mother, Toni Trevino. She added, "I remember pulling myself tighter across her, Ana, and hanging on."

Moments later, when they climbed out and looked around, they saw their neighborhood destroyed.

Toni's sister lived in the next building. Only the concrete slab remains.

"Just to see your entire lives just ripped away from you," Amber Buttleman told WHNT News 19.

Some of the apartment buildings were pushed off their foundations. Others simply disintegrated, the contents scattered in the wind.

Across the tree line, damage was sporadic at the Norwood Mobile Home Park. One trailer left unscathed, while the one next to it was picked up and turned upside down. Just down the road, the Owens Volunteer Fire Department took a direct hit, but it will be rebuilt.

Back at the apartments on Seven Mile Post Road, residents are still searching for the little things the evil winds left behind. The mementos, souveniers, old photos and then life begins anew.

Jason Johnson told us, "We're at the bottom of the hill, just gonna work out way to the top now."

"Yeah, we're just trying to pick-up the pieces, put 'em back together and go on," Trevino said.

None of the people we spoke with had insurance. They are literally starting over from scratch.  Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely has imposed a dusk-til-dawn curfew in all of the affected areas of the county. The goal is to prevent looting.

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