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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Limestone County Judge Chadwick Wise has denied the motion for a mistrial in the capital murder case against an Elkmont teenager accused of killing his entire family.

On Thursday, defense attorneys for Mason Sisk filed a motion for a mistrial, arguing prosecutors didn’t provide access to Mason’s father’s cell phone, claiming the possibility of information that could corroborate the teen’s defense.

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The judge answered that motion by saying he would take it “under advisement,” and the testimony in the trial resumed.

During Tuesday’s testimony, the court heard from several witnesses including the family friends who the Sisk family visited in Florida the weekend before the murders and first responders on the scene that September night.

On Wednesday, the court viewed the autopsy photos and body camera footage from the night of the murders. Dr. Jonrika Malone, the state medical examiner who performed the autopsies, and Limestone County Sheriff Deputy Justin Fields, the first deputy to speak to Sisk at the scene, were some of the witnesses called.

Members of the jury were shown the 29-minute long bodycam footage from Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jake Abernathy from the night of the murders. The footage showed Abernathy taking photos of the interior and exterior of the home, and of the bodies.

The prosecution provided Sisk’s girlfriend at the time of the murders with copies of the messages sent between the two. “I did it because I was held at gunpoint,” Sisk says whoever did it threatened to kill him as well. However, later he tells her that he wants to be a contract killer, but she says no. He responded with, “I am good with a gun, I killed my family in less than four seconds. All head shots.”

The former girlfriend said that Mason had been in solitary confinement for 18 months before the message “I did it because I was held at gunpoint” came to her phone.

The state called the last witness on Thursday, a 16-year-old girl. She also went to middle school with Mason at Madison County Middle School. They had stayed in contact over the phone after he moved to Elkmont. In a message from the girl to Mason on November 19, 2020, she asks “did you do it?” He responded “yes.”

On January 27, 2021, the girl asked him why he did it. She told him she was tired of worrying if he’s okay in jail. Mason responded, “I did it because I was forced to. I was held at gunpoint and if I didn’t I would die.” He also said that “he [the suspect] had a mask on.”

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In another message, Sisk’s friend said that she “hated her little brother because he’s being annoying.” Mason asks, “what are little brothers for?” After a little while, he sends a second message that said, “is it weird that I want to be a contract killer?” The witness was excused.