LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Members of the Limestone County Commission said they have “safety” at the front of their minds when it comes to a new subdivision proposal.

Limestone County Chairman Collin Daly explained the proposal lists guidelines to alleviate complaints received by the county on a daily basis.

“After people buy their house they have issues,” said Daly. “We get calls like, hey I can’t get out my driveway because my neighbor parked right by the mailbox.”

Recent development in the area has certain homes built on 60-foot lots. Daly said this causes issues on busy roads and makes it difficult for drivers to see and safely leave their homes. Within the proposed subdivision guidelines, stanzas have been added to “increase size of lots on existing roads based on speed limits.”

Other concerns addressed in the proposal involve stormwater run-off during construction and holding developers accountable for damaged county-line roads.

“If a developer tears the road up, he needs to take care of it,” said District 2 Commissioner Danny Barksdale. This, he said, will prevent the county from spending more money on roads that have been repaved in the last year.

But the biggest questions from people in the area were centered around property rights. A video shared on Facebook by a local real estate agent raised concerns about people being restricted on how they manage their property or pass it down to family members. Barksdale says that’s not the case.

“In the code of Alabama, “family land” will be exempt from the subdivisions or if you pass it down to a son … it’s exempt from the regulations.”

A public forum will be held at the next County Commission meeting on September 5.

Commissioners will not vote on whether to pass the regulations. Instead, members of the community can voice their thoughts on the changes and ask questions.