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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – When you think of first responders, you probably think of police, paramedics, or firefighters, but how about a first-grader?

They’re not usually who would come to mind, but one Limestone County class found themselves in that role, and reacted like any hero would.

As applause filled the Cedar Hill Elementary School gym, the biggest cheer came from Ms. Tracy Hodges.

Her first-graders were being honored by local first responders for their bravery during a crisis last month.

It’s more than just pride for Ms. Hodges, it’s gratitude. She lost consciousness during class. Her students jumped into action.

“My vision got really blurry. My students sitting at the table, I couldn’t even make out the children at the table, asked me what was going on,” Hodges said.

She was having a seizure for the first time.

“She started shaking in her chair, she said ‘go get help,’ student Emery Johnson said.

Her students ran to a fellow teacher’s class, others went to get the school nurse.

Hodges learned at the hospital the seizure was caused by COVID-19 complications. She had no idea she was positive at the time.

After rest and quarantine, she returned to teaching.

Life was normal until the assembly.

“When I saw the one teary-eyed today, it brought back that this was real. This was something that no 6 and 7 year old should go through, but they had to and they did the right thing,” Hodges said.

The teary-eyed student was Caleb Price.

“I like her!” He said.

Ms. Hodges has been teaching for 28 years. She’s enjoyed every class, but this one will hold a special place in her heart.

“I just thank God every day for them,” Hodges said.

Her students say they are so thrilled to have their teacher back and they think it’s pretty cool to officially be known as “Hodges Heroes.”