Family speaking out after Limestone County prisoner’s terminal cancer diagnosis

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ODENVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A man diagnosed with terminal cancer may die much sooner than expected because he is incarcerated at Limestone Correctional Facility.

Justin Faircloth was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that has spread to his liver. He received his diagnosis just over a year ago. CBS 42 Reporter Malique Rankin spoke with Justin Fairfield over the phone from the prison. He said doctors gave him one to five years to live.

Faircloth was on probation for burglary, theft of property, and possession of a controlled substance. When his probation was revoked, he was no longer able to get cancer treatments. That was in December. Faircloth said it has been over a month since he last spoke with his oncologist.

“They say the medical team here does not work as fast as the medical team on the street. That they can’t just look at one person and attend to their needs. They have to attend to everyone’s needs,” Faircloth said.

His wife, Amber Faircloth, has been doing everything she can to get state officials’ attention. She has written letters to the judge presiding over her husband’s case, the Department of Corrections, the Office of Parole and Probation, and the Governor’s Office.

“Basically that judge gave him a death sentence because if he doesn’t get treatments, he’s going to die,” Amber Faircloth said.

Justin Faircloth’s doctors gave him between one and five years to live, with chemotherapy treatments. However, he will be in prison for the next 11 years. Amber and Justin are holding out hope that Justin will be released, or at least give the medical attention he needs. But the couple knows, this is a fight against the clock.

“Stage 4 colon cancer is a terminal illness. It’s not going to go anywhere. It’s going to be there,” he said.

Amber said she has applied for medical furlough, but those applications can take months or years. On Friday, she confirmed that her last request for a medical furlough had been denied that day.

Attempts to reach the Alabama Department of Corrections for comment about their policy on medical treatment of inmates were not successful Thursday.

Amber has created a petition to raise awareness of what is happening to her husband. To view the petition, click here.

This story has been updated to reflect that Faircloth’s request for a medical furlough was denied Feb. 21.

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