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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. –  The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office confirms an Elkmont man died in a shooting around Rooker Lane near Ardmore. Officials say William Brantley, 60, was shot near the insection of Rooker Lane and Oak Grove Road around 7:30 p.m. Investigators believe the shooting to be related to a years-long property dispute. The shooter was identified as Kenneth Adams, according to authorities. It happened a few miles south of Ardmore. As deputies showed up, they found a white Ford pickup truck with the lights on, and a body laying a few feet away. Detectives are interviewing family and others who saw it happen. They say both people involved were armed. As to the dispute, deputies say this is something that’s been going on for years. In fact, they say deputies were called out to the same area a few hours earlier on Thursday. No arrests have been reported. The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation’s findings will likely be turned over to a grand jury.
Authorities say they’ve responded to the area of Rooker Lane and Oak Grove Road several times before. “We had been out there, we’d been out there actually the same day. Deputies had been out there and gotten things deescalated,” explained Stephen Young, of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. “They’d been out there previously.” The shooting is believed to be the end of a years-long property war. “Especially in rural areas, people are also passionate about property, its something that’s near and dear to them,” added Young. “Sometimes it may be family related, sometimes you have property that was sold but was from another family.” While the sheriff’s office says that may not be the case here, it serves as an important reminder. “People need to be civil when it comes to those things and go through the right process. A lot of times those are civil disputes,” said Young. The family of the victim says they are still shaken up by the shooting. Brantley’s daughter says no one deserves to die no matter the circumstances.