ELKMONT Ala. (WHNT) — An Elkmont family is still trying to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire on Christmas Eve caused them to lose everything they owned.

One family member, Tammy Scott, said a faulty space heater sparked the blaze that destroyed their gifts and everything else they owned, including cell phones and family photos.

Scott told News 19 they are still desperately searching for help.

“I’ve lived in this home for 40 years — since I was nine years old,” said Scott. “We lost everything. My husband got me a new car for Christmas, and I lost it in the fire.”

Scott referred to new Nissan now burned beyond recognition.

She said she was looking forward to celebrating the holidays after losing her mother to stroke just six months ago. It was going to be the family’s first holiday season without their mother.

“Mom died before she got to the hospital and then this happens,” Scott explained. “We’ve been going through a lot. I miss my mother so bad I can’t stand it.”

With limited insurance coverage since taking over the home after her mother’s passing, a family friend loaned them a trailer. However, the Scott family says they’re desperate for anyone willing to help them recover.

“We lost everything and all that we have is each other now,” Scott said. “We’ve got to be strong and start back over.”

While authorities are still combing through the details of the fire, the family is thankful that everyone made it out alive.

To assist the Scott family, donations are being accepted here.