Early morning storms knock out power, delay school

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Some 1,600 residents in and around Limestone County woke up with no power amidst a big mess.

Scottie Lee Croix and his wife Kim spent the day cleaning up with mother nature messed up around one o’clock this morning off Davis Road.

“I was sitting out on the porch because of the thunder and lightning, just kinda keeping an eye on it and all of a sudden I had to go in the house,” said Croix. He explained strong straight-line winds did a number on several trees in his yard.

Just up the street crews had to deal with downed power lines and trees blocking the roadway.

During Monday morning’s County Commission meeting, the commissioners reported lots of trees and power lines down in their districts. Commissioner Jason Black got out to help people along Beechwood Road cut themselves out of the damage.

“Had poles actually broken had about 15 or 20 trees that were down, fully blocked,” said Black.

He worked with Limestone County school leaders to delay the start of classes on Monday by two hours.

“There was no way that the school buses would be able to get through,” Black insisted.

Athens Utilities crews worked feverishly throughout the morning to restore power to customers who lost it when the storm moved through. They estimate the winds knocked over at least eight power poles around the county.

As for the Croixs, they took it all in stride, glad their power just blinked off and came back on considering the strength of the storms.

“It got pretty bad,” Croix admitted.

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