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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – The Limestone County Sheriff has released some video captured by two different cameras in the pursuit and capture of a suspect. One was on the dash of a deputy’s patrol car. The other was from a body camera worn by a deputy.

The crime spree covered two counties, one in Alabama, one in Tennessee. It started with an armed home invasion. Two vehicles were hijacked at gunpoint. One victim was shot in the arm. That was followed with a chase, where speeds reached more than 100 miles per our. It ended with a stolen car stuck in a field south of Huntsville – Browns Ferry Road in Limestone County. When deputies approached the car, the suspect started asking for the sheriff and a smoke. The conversation was captured by a deputy’s body camera.

Deputy: “Just put the gun down.”
Suspect: “I want to talk to the Sheriff.”
Deputy: “The sheriff will be here in a minute. OK? He`s on his way.”
Suspect: “Tell him to bring me a pack of Marlboro Lights. I ain`t had a cigarette all evening.”
Deputy: “You want a dip? I got a dip?”
Suspect: “No, I don`t want a dip. I want a cigarette.”

When the suspect threatened to shoot himself, deputies asked him again to put down the gun. They reassured him Sheriff Mike Blakely was on his way.

Suspect: “Don`t come any closer.”
Deputy: “OK, OK, I`ll back up. Do you want me to back up a little bit? I just want to talk to you. I can`t hear too good. I just want to talk to you.”

As the Sheriff arrived, the suspect was talking about suicide by cop.

Suspect: “I oughta make y’all shoot me.”
Deputy: “No, No, No. We ain`t gonna shoot you.”
Suspect: “I`m tired of living.”
Deputy: “The Sheriff`s here no man. The Sheriff just pulled up.”

Sheriff Blakely was able to talk 32-year-old Casey Cole White, of Athens, into surrendering peacefully. White now faces charges of burglary, robbery and theft. More charges could be filed in Giles County.