Couple has brand new house built in Athens, internet company says they can’t provide service

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ATHENS, Ala. – Elise and Eric Ferrary are still moving into their newly built Athens home. The two recently relocated their family to Alabama from Michigan. But they say they can’t even enjoy it right now because they can’t connect to the internet. That is a huge problem because the Ferrarys work from home.

“I can see McDonald’s from one of our windows. We’re in a developed neighborhood,” explained Elise Ferrary. “So we didn’t anticipate this, it’s been very frustrating. We moved in just a couple days ago and thought we’d have no problem.”

The two said they reached out to a cable company who said they would be able to provide service.

“My husband reached out to Spectrum ahead of time, and we saw that other people in the neighborhood had service, so we didn’t think it’d be a problem,” Elise added.

But the provider later canceled.

WHNT News 19’s Dallas Parker reached out to the company and they said they need permission from developers to install cable lines underground.

The couple works from home and can’t clock in with no connection.

“It’s irritating that we can’t even have television,” said Elise. “I haven’t been able to use my phone, that’s extremely inconvenient, but the main concern is we can’t work.”

“I have to be on systems that require 100 percent connectivity all of the time, so slow bandwidth just doesn’t cut it,” added Eric Ferrary.

In the meantime, the couple and their two children are forced to commute to a relative’s home to get their work done.

“I’m lucky to have family in the area, I now have to commute daily to work remotely from home. It’s about a 45-minute drive both ways,” Eric added.

“It’s like camping in a brand new home.”

If things aren’t resolved soon the Ferrarys said they don’t know what’s next for them.

The family’s new home is within Athens city limits.

So WHNT News 19 reached out to Mayor Ronnie Marks for answers. Marks said he’s never heard of connectivity complaints in that subdivision.

The mayor assured WHNT News 19 he would get the couple in touch with the city attorney to help with permission to make their home serviceable.

We will continue to follow their progress.