ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — The local non-profit Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful (KALB) said it successfully hosted its biggest Earth Day awareness expo yet, with a goal to make the environment – and the community itself – healthier.

Like in previous years dozens of vendors signed up for the festival, providing a petting zoo, info sessions, samples of earth-friendly products, and food trucks. This year’s edition was hosted on the Athens State University campus, with the institution serving as a sponsor.

KALB co-founder Lynne Hart told News 19 the objectives of events for Earth Day are, of course, to have fun, but the purpose is to influence the next generation to care about what’s being put in their air, in their ground, to better their home county during the climate crisis.

“There is a purpose to everything on this planet, and all we want people to do is educate themselves,” Hart said. “Once people are educated and understand these things, they will be more likely to behave in a manner that will be more kind to this planet on which we live. And so that’s the purpose of our Earth Day event, is to give people an opportunity to educate themselves.”