Commissioner: Limestone County to apply for state of emergency aid after flood


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Residential and road flooding have caused worries for Limestone County emergency authorities to call for a state of emergency to be declared.

“We don’t know if we’ll get anything for the folks, for help and assistance in fixing those drainage areas, and replacing roads that were washed out and stuff like that,” Limestone County Commissioner Daryl Sammet said.

“It will happen again and again and again,” resident Jack Brown said of his home surrounded by water. He said it didn’t flood this time, only because of preventative adjustments like sealing off vent covers and moving the air conditioning unit.

Brown told News 19 Sunday that he and his neighbor’s homes have now become islands twice in two years.

“The frustrating part about it is in February of 2020 I went to the Limestone County Commission, our commissioner, and they said they have money to fix the road, but they can’t use any of that money to do anything about this,” Brown said.

In fact, most of the dramatic scenes from the weekend occurred in Sammet’s District 1 of Limestone County.

“We’ve got areas and depressions that just won’t drain out,” Sammet said. “We’ve got dwellings that we can’t get drainage on those areas that we’d like to get but it just doesn’t work out with the lay of the land. It won’t let us.”

The commissioner admitted that updates with state help are needed sooner than later if the county is to keep up with its rapidly expanding population.

“I work with the engineer every day and believe me, it’s brought up,” Sammet said. “But a lot of the contractors, we don’t have any kind of way to oversee that that drainage is put in properly on private property.”

Sammet said the issues will be raised at future county commission meetings, which are open to the public in Athens.

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