Clements Pastor: “Devil, You Picked The Wrong Community!”

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CLEMENTS, Ala. (WHNT) - Communities are starting to rebuild after the storms. One of the primary hubs for relief efforts in Limestone County has been at the Clements Baptist Church. They've fed more than a thousand people a day and converted much of their church into a warehouse of relief supplies for the tornado victims. Sunday was a day of rest and a special worship service at the church. Photojournalists Al Whitaker and Dion Hose teamed up to bring you the story.

Pastor Tim Anderson:

"Our gym has been converted over for the purpose of administrating food and supplies for the homeless and those with damaged homes. I could not tell you the thousands, and I don't mean just one and two thousands, I could not tell you the thousands of people that have been fed out of that kitchen. I cannot tell you the thousands of sacks and hamburgers and hot dogs and pizzas that have gone out of this place to feed the people that were wondering where they were going to get their next meal, where they were going to get their next bottle of water.

And we have those that go out in trucks and take chain saws and literally an hour later people can see their homes, people can see their cars, people can see that it wasn't all gone.

It would be a sin unto God to go on as normal in this church when this community is everything but normal. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to quote the scripture. Faith without works is dead. You cannot claim to have a gospel presentation thats been accepted unless there's something in each and every one of us that wants to go out and do what God has saved us to do.

What the enemy meant for evil, God is going to use for good. I just want to say something, yall help me with this: To the devil, you picked the wrong community. This community will come together and rise back up and rebuild our world, rebuild our community and we'll be better in the days ahead than we ever were in the days behind.

We're going to work in conjunction with Him and what He wants us to do and we're going to be the salt and the light and we're not going to be a city that's set on a hill and a basket over our light. We're going to take it off so people can see there's hope here, there's love here, there's compassion here and whatever you need, the God of Jehovah Jireh and the God of Jehovah Rapha will help you and provide for you right here on this campus. That's what this church has become."

Clements Baptist will reopen their distribution center Monday morning at 9. They'll also open a day care facility for storm victims so parents can continue working around their damaged homes.


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