City of Athens, Limestone County hosts State of the City Address

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ATHENS, Ala. –  The Athens State of the City Address brought out community leaders from across county and city lines. City officials from Huntsville, Madison and Decatur were present, as were those from Athens and Limestone County. Mayor Ronnie Marks said going forward he wants to incorporate city ideas from some special constituents.

Although Mayor Ronnie Marks hosted his state of the city address at Athens State University, he said change and ideas start with people even younger than these college students.

“It’s what we all ought to be about is expanding the creativity and letting these kids think, letting them be a part,” Marks said. “Making them feel like they are important enough to be apart of a growing community.”

Marks said before the state of the city meeting, he asked local third graders what they’d like Athens to look like in the future.

“It’s going to be their city, soon,” Marks added.

The mayor also said maintaining what Athens already has and taking care of those who helped it become the city it is today is high priority.

“The importance of making sure that we remember to pay attention to our existing industries,” Marks added. “To our existing subdivisions, to the parts of town that we may need to look at a redevelopment plan.”

Marks said now, the question is… “What do we need to do? It’s easy to get excited about new opportunities for new subdivisions, or new homes for people,” he said. “But there are people here that established this community, that are a vital part of this community and we can’t overlook that.”

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