AT&T service restored to customers in Limestone County

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ATHENS, Ala. - Last week we received reports that several people in a Limestone County community were having problems with their cell phone service. It might not sound like much of a problem, but they couldn't even make emergency calls to 911. The outage created a potentially deadly situation.

People in the community say that now, their service has been restored.

After weeks of not being able to make phone calls out, even to 911, Athens AT&T customer Vickie Palzewicz says her service "just all of the sudden started working."

The Director of the Athens, Limestone County 911 center, Brandon Wallace says he tried to do his part to get the issue fixed. But that he encouraged people to have back up plans.

"We had a couple people come up here and express concern. We followed up with them and we followed up with our folks at AT&T inside the 911 industry," says Wallace.

But ultimately, he attributes the tower being reset to our reports last weekend on WHNT News 19.

"We found out, in the end, is that news story reaching some of those folks, maybe helped a little more than anything," says Wallace.

He said it was hard to sit by and wait, knowing people might be in danger.

"As the 911 director, knowing there could be somebody out there needing help that can't call us, that is very troubling," says Wallace.

Palzewicz spoke out because her son is susceptible to seizures. She wishes more people would take problems into their own hands.

"I wish more people would get involved when things like this happen because sometimes it takes someone getting involved to make a difference, to fix issues," says Palzewicz.

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