Athens youth commission is raising awareness to make safe hazardous waste disposal an annual event

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — When you think of hazardous waste, do you think deadly chemicals spewing from a factory? Turns out you might have an array of hazardous materials sitting on the shelves in your home.

Hazardous waste can be things like paint, batteries, and expired cleaning supplies. These items are not supposed to be thrown away in the garbage because they can damage the environment and so much more.

In August, four very young kittens and their mother were injured when oil-based paint and lacquer thinner were illegally poured down a storm drain in which they were taking shelter. Three of the kittens and the mama cat were captured and treated for chemical burns.

“That puts a face to the problem,” noted Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission mentor Holly Hollman.

Because of this incident, a hazardous waste drop has been organized for Saturday, March 28, in Limestone County, but the Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission wants this to be an annual event.

“The students wanted to do something about it, they didn’t want to say ‘Okay city and county, here’s the problem, you fix it.’ They wanted to say ‘We’re going to help you. We’re going to put money on the table, and we’re going to volunteer.'”

These events are expensive, so the youth commission is raising money. You can help by attending the hazardous materials drop on Saturday, March 28th.

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