ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — Athens community members took their concerns to the city council meeting on Monday after discovering they were not on a list of upgrades the city has planned.

Residents who live on Luke Street in Athens say flooding is a real issue on their historic block and it’s causing great concern.

A number of community members from Luke Street approached the Athens City Council pressing for answers on why they haven’t found the money to fix their street.

Residents on Luke Street say a sewer system that is running through their neighborhood from other areas in Athens has caused significant problems, and while other areas see improvement projects – Luke Street is regularly not on the list. The residents have been searching for answers to the infrastructure issues in their neighborhood for over a year.

They say their drinking water has a bad odor, their homes smell as a result of the sewage and residents say they deal with mildew as a result of the water that runs under their homes.

“Where you got sewage, you’re gonna have mold. Mold is toxic-mold will kill you,” said one resident at the city council meeting.

Stoney Burks says the city’s done extensive work running sewer lines to businesses in the area like Bucee’s, but says Luke Street has been left out.

“You did all that, can you do us right and get us on the sewer system? That’s all we’re battling for, we just want to be done right. Like I told them before, if you’re not gonna do it for us then leave us alone and just tell us up front that you’re not gonna do the sewer. Because we know they can get the money,” Burks said.

Residents say the biggest issue they face is that there a very few ditches in the area, so water runs on the flat land into their yards.

The city council says it is working to address the problem, and crews have completed a survey on the east side of the neighborhood and are now working on the west side.