Athens mayor hints more businesses on the way


ATHENS, Ala. – Since 2010, the city of Athens has been steadily growing at just over 25% a year. Though COVID-19 slowed things down worldwide, new additions are coming to the city.  

“Our biggest opportunity is our biggest challenge, and that’s growth.” That’s what Mayor Ronnie Marks said in regards to maintaining such a steady growth and doing it properly. But, that hasn’t stopped the city from progressing forward.  

Growth is coming to the corner of Lindsay Lane and Highway 72, where a Panda Express and a Twice Daily are in development. That infrastructure will add 7,100 square feet of retail space, 50 jobs, and approximately 3 million dollars in revenue for the city.  

“The sales tax off of that will be to the school system and to the city of Athen’s and to accommodate our citizens, a more quality of life, better opportunities”, Marks said. The Panda Express will be built by a developer in exchange for a tax incentive.

The city wasted no time in getting things started, June 22 City Council voted, and today they started, “They were ready to go yesterday, all the equipment was on-site, they were just waiting on our vote,” Marks said.  

The mayor said that there are still more exciting things to come for the city, but for right now all of that is being kept under wraps.  

With a big smile on his face he said, “It’s an exciting time to be here and a lot of things going on.” 

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