ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — A brand new fire engine is ready to be put to good use and put out fires in Athens after a dedication service on Friday.

Athens Fire and Rescue Chief James Hand led the short ceremony at Station No. 2 off Lindsay Lane, where firefighters and other city officials gathered.

Everyone had a hand in the traditional “push-back” ceremony, which, if you’re not familiar with, dates back to the 1800s when fire crews arrived on horse-drawn equipment.

Since the horses weren’t able to back into the station, firefighters would unhook them and push the equipment back into the bay.

Even after the invention of modern fire engines, the legacy of the push-back ceremony to induct new engines has held strong through the years, inviting members of the community to partake in the event.

Athens Fire and Rescue crews provided a grand tour of the engine, which is officially ready for service.