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ATHENS, Ala. – Liquor store owners were asking the city for a tax break and on Tuesday evening, they got it.

The council unanimously approved lowering the liquor license tax which package store owners pay the city from 15 to 10 percent.  Liquor store owners were asking the city to lower the fee to make them more competitive with stores in Huntsville and Florence. A store owner we asked says the tax break will mean cheaper prices for beer, wine, and liquor on the shelf.

“I’m really looking at it from the perspective of keeping money here in the city of Athens,” Good Spirit Beverages owner Steven Pearson said. “I’m not so much worried about my purse or pocketbook, we’re trying to keep money here in our city.”

City leaders expect the new tax rate will go into effect in the next two months. They say the new rate will mean Athens will take in about $40,000 less per year.