ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — According to Athens city officials, more and more people are moving to the city – resulting in new developments and projects to keep up with that growth. 

New houses are popping up left and right, but one city council member is working to make sure developers build quality homes. 

Athens City Councilman Harold Wales says the city is growing very fast and with that growth comes the need for housing.

“I’m not bashing any developer. We need them here, but we want them here to keep Athens looking beautiful,” said Wales. 

Councilman Wales says there are several new developers across the city building new subdivisions. He says some of these houses barely meet the city code.  

“Where we all thought there was going to be a brick-furnished, they’re not brick. They’ve got what they call ‘Hardie Board’ going from the roof all the way to the ground…and a lot of them, the foundations are not even covered,” added Wales. 

Wales is working with city staff, engineers, the planning board, and the rest of the council to modify its city ordinances – hoping that it’ll fix what he and some residents say is an issue.

“We need to add some language in it that will not allow them to build these houses to the very bare minimum. The people that live next to where these cheap homes are being built…they’re upset because they look at it as if it’s downgrading their neighborhoods,” said Wales. 

Councilman Wales says conversations are underway in regard to making changes to the city ordinances. He says they hope to have the language finalized and presented at one of their city council meetings for a vote sometime in December.