Athens city council votes to override veto concerning mayoral salary raise in 2020


ATHENS, Ala. – The Athens City Council voted 4-0 Monday to override a veto made by Mayor Ronnie Marks about the mayoral salary.

The council voted the mayor’s salary will increase in November 2020 by 10 percent. The council said the reason behind the override is to be more in line with other cities.

Mayor Marks said that he vetoed the raise because he felt like the money should go to other city departments.

When the pay increase goes into effect, the mayor will make $71,500. The council members will also receive a 10 percent increase to make a total of $13,200 a year.

Pay raises for the council and mayor can only be voted on every four years and six months before an election. The next municipal election in Athens is August 25, 2020.