Athens Bible School officially opens new campus

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ATHENS, Ala. – It is back to school week in North Alabama. In Athens, a big change this year.

Athens Bible School was founded in 1943. Classes have taken place in the same building since that time. But that will change in just a few days.

Athens Bible School students are preparing to start classes in a brand new building on Thursday.

On Tuesday, students past and present marched from the old campus to the new one on US 31 North, signifying new beginnings.

One man has seen the school evolve over nearly 50 years.

He is a man of many titles.

“I’m the athletic director, I’m the counselor, baseball coach, cross country coach, bus driver,” explained Bill Murrell.

Murrell said he’s been able to teach generations, and that is a blessing.

“I am now coaching and teaching grandchildren of people who were here when I first came. It means a lot that they enjoyed their experience,” he added. “They sent their own kids here and now their kids are sending, their kids here.”

One thing Murrell and others said they’re sure of is school traditions will live on.

But everyone is excited about one major improvement.

“To be able to attend a basketball game in an air-conditioned gymnasium. That’s going to be nice,” said Murrell.

The thing I’m most excited about is the air-conditioned gym, but I’m also really excited about having a really nice auditorium, really nice classrooms and being able to learn a lot better,” explained Macy Dobbs, Athens Bible School rising senior.

Community members said they hope the school continues to thrive for years to come.

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