ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT)- The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is looking for public input on a new traffic project in Athens.

Highway 72 is a heavily traveled road, and many people in Athens say the intersection at Cambridge Lane has been a problem area since the population has begun to grow.

“On a regular basis it’s two, three, accidents there a month,” said resident Robert Ambush.

According to residents of the area of Cambridge Lane in Athens, they have been going to ALDOT asking for changes to a road they consider a safety hazard. Finally, the problem road is up for an update.

“Somebody stops out here to make a turn and traffic going both ways people don’t pay attention… You coming down the turn in here, and if there is any hesitation for you to get out of the way, the car behind you woulda hit you,” said Ambush.

ALDOT has a public comment period that is open until October 6 for people to give their input on the proposed plan they have put forth.

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“What we’re proposing is to put in a reduced conflict intersection. This particular one would effectively close down the intersection between the north and south legs of Cambridge Lane. What an RCI does is basically replace left turn movements with right turns and U-turns, which are safer movements to make,” said Seth Burkett, ALDOT’s public information officer.

ALDOT says wherever they have placed these reduced conflict intersections, they have seen drastic drops in crashes and that’s what they are hoping for in this area. As part of their plan, three intersections will be closed down.

The in-person public input meeting is September 26th, if you aren’t able to make that meeting you have until October 6th to make your concerns known.

Those who would like to make a comment can do so at the in-person meeting, or by printing a comment sheet and dropping it off at the ALDOT North Region building in Tuscumbia. You find the comment sheet here.