Alabama Veteran’s Museum gets a new base in Limestone County

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – The Alabama Veteran’s Museum received a gift that would allow it to more than double in size, a win-win situation between the museum and Limestone County.

The biggest tourist attraction in Limestone County just isn’t big enough.

“As you look around, you can see that we are totally out of space,” said Alabama Veteran’s Museum Director Sandra Thompson. There’s no room for another display.

“We have so many artifacts that we have to rent storage,” said the museum’s board member Jerry Barksdale. “We can’t even put it out.”

But the Limestone County Event Center is a different story.

“Right now it’s losing money,” said Thompson. “That’s just common knowledge.”

On Monday, county commissioners unanimously voted to gift the event center to the museum.

Directly across from the veteran’s museum is the Limestone County Event Center. Half of it will be the new museum. The other half will be reserved for rentals.

“We have construction that needs to be done because we’re going to put a wall down the middle of the Event Center,” said Thompson. Organizers hired a designer to include a military library and some virtual reality setups in the new location. Thompson said, “we can finally spread out.”

By splitting the building – the county hopes each side can help pay for the other. Construction on the existing Limestone County Event Center should begin sometime in the beginning of the New Year.


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